Every 25 years I seem to come back in fashion

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“Every 25 years I seem to come back in fashion.” -… via Put This On

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Cordone 1956 –  Vintage Style Shirt

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Cordone 1956 – Vintage Style Shirt via LexuS III The Best

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Cruna Ties

Cruna Ties Italian Handmade 650x433

  CRUNA TIES via trashness

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Commonwealth Proper Japanese cotton pocket square

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Drakes for PJOHNSON

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Drakes for PJOHNSON via P Johnson Tailors

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Huge lapels × red dotted tie

Huge Lapels Red Dotted Tie Men Stye Menswear 650x397

Not sure about the giant lapels but the shirt and tie are spot on. HUGE LAPELS × RED DOTTED TIE via trashness

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There are many good reasons to drink

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Does one even need a good reason? There are many good reasons to drink via Introducing Mr. Bentley

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Billy Reid Bond peacoat in James Bond 007 Skyfall

Billy Reid James Bond Peacoat Clotheshorse

Billy Reid gets solid placement in the new James Bond 007 SKYFALL flick. His classic peacoat is featured throughout the teasers for the SKYFALL film and photos.   That push moved Billy Reid to re-issue their classic coat as the Bond peacoat. 150 Bond peacoats sold out in pre-sale, but an additional 100 more are being issued.   Find them online …

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The Armoury: Saint Crispin’s for Mr. Uno

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An extremely tasty tassel loafer indeed. They remind me of this wonderful pair by Alfred Sargent. lnsee: Saint Crispin’s for Mr. Uno.  This is an extremely tasty tassel loafer. via The Armoury Lightbox

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The Dos & Don’ts of cologne

do's and don'ts of cologne

Click through for some good advice on what to do, and what not to do when it comes to using cologne. I think most guys get it rather spot on these days but it’s always good to have a bit of a refresher. Compared to debating the introduction of Spanx for men or issuing a stern warning against the use …

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