Crockett & Jones Woven Chukka Boot

Sweet pair of woven chukka boots by C&J – I think I can squeeze into a 7.5!
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Sometimes we just feel like this whole shoe imbroglio is ephiphenomenal. Will Self knows what we’re talking about. If you can draw your eyes from reblogged pictures of the new shoe du jour, we’d like to point you to a pair of chukka boots that should pique your interest. If you know about shoes you know about Crockett & Jones and if you know about Crockett & Jones you’ll know these are a special pair of shoes. They’re only available in a size 7 & 7.5 but it’s your lucky day if you have Arshavin sized feet. (A fine pair of shoes)

Via Selectism

The craft behind Persol – Part I

This is translated from a Swedish source and the translation leaves a little to be desired, but still a great series of pics behind some of the worlds most loved sunglasses.

Glasses are by no means a simple matter of design. Behind the real quality of arcs is a precise and time-consuming craft. The photo project Persol Magnificent Obsessions, which in summer will be exhibited in New York, Milan and Paris shows, the Italian eyewear responsible for the manufacturing machine up the process behind their legendary sunglasses