BespoKenN: Luxury fabrics for your coats


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There is no denying it, coats made from luxurious fabrics such camel hair, alpaca, cashmere etc. are heavenly in every possible way.  The fabric’s superior handle, colour and softness can improve a man’s presence far beyond that of any cottons or wools; however, like a proverbial double-edged sword, the fabric’s opulent character can just as easily swing against the wearer’s favor and void him of his presence – especially if the rest of his outfit isn’t up to par, making him end up looking like the coat’s accessory.

Put this on: twenty-five pieces of basic sartorial knowledge so you don’t look dumb

Put This On: Twenty-Five Pieces of Basic Sartorial Knowledge So You Don’t Look Dumb:


When I’m interviewed about men’s style and Put This On, I’m almost invariably asked “what are the fashion mistakes you see men make every day?” or “what is the most basic style knowledge men often don’t have?”

That’s the kind of stuff I usually leave off this blog. After all: you’re discerning…

Start watching cartoons again

Archer: “Take the suits to my tailor and the shoes to my shoemaker”
Cyril: “Wait, you have a shoemaker?”
Archer: “Do you not?”


Start Watching Cartoons Again

Specifically, FX’s Archer. Stream this one on Netflix and rediscover the joys of childhood via a mega douchey, albeit lovable secret agent. GQ’s Eric Sullivan explains.