Davone Ray Loudspeakers

Davone Ray Speakers

Having missed these when they were first released is almost embarrassing to this writer. The Davone Ray Loudspeakers may be some of the most beautiful works of sound art we have seen. The Danish made speakers are ridiculously beautiful and from the noted reviews on them, sound as beautiful. The pair will set you back around $7500. Everything is right about this set: the stands are made from tubular steel, the veneer is perfect. I’m trying to find a place locally to demo them now…

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Dressing for Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival


Excerpt from article on dressing for Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival.

The lovely Jen and Tom from Melbourne’s P. Johnson give us their thoughts on men’s fashion for the 2011 Spring Racing Carnival.

What’s popular this year? 

This season we have noticed that our clients are becoming a little more adventurous- wider lapels, bolder patterns and casual double-breasted jackets are all popular. We are also experimenting more with blended cloths such as wool/silks, cotton/linens and cotton/cashmeres.

Must-have accessory for gents?

Always a pocket square, sometimes a knit tie, and an umbrella when required. All these accessories can be used as tools to balance one’s outfit to achieve a more harmonious look.

What should guys be avoiding?

Avoid imitation. Dress for yourself. Avoid white stretch limousines. Avoid drunk girls with too much fake tan. Avoid the port-a-loos. Avoid pointy shoes. Avoid outdated affectations, such as pocket watches and pipes. It’s 2011, life wasn’t better back then and swing dancing is not cool. I know it’s not cool cause my Dad thinks it is.

For more information visit: P. Johnson

Full article: http://www.dmarge.com/2011/09/mens-fashion-2011-spring-racing.html#more