The style of HRH The Prince of Wales

With HRH The Prince of Wales’ birthday only last week, To The Manner Born, pulled together a bit of a retrospective of the Princes’ style over the years and the longevity of some of the pieces of his wardrobe. Click on the link for the full analysis.

“Trust not,” warned Carlyle, “the heart of that man for whom old clothes are not venerable,”

Elegant use of colour

I have a pretty standard colour palette that I keep referring to that includes blues, reds, yellows and browns. Seeing combinations like this inspires me to branch out a little more into purple, green and orange. Colours that I have not traditionally had much of an affinity for, but that can be combined together really well with a bit of thought.

10 Things I wish Australian men would learn about style

My friends know that I love a good Friday night out, and these thoughts came to me while recovering from last Friday night’s antics over the weekend. Let me start by saying that I don’t expect all people to agree with this list so I will preface it (and hopefully curb one avenue of attack) by giving you my definition of style. For me a man’s style is much more than just the clothes he chooses to wear. A man’s style is the outward projection of his inner self. You project yourself through the clothes you wear but also through the way you behave, the way you carry yourself and in the manner of your interactions with others.

With that preamble done, here is my list:

1. Think for yourself: I see young men roving in packs and they look like they went out on a shopping trip together and bought roughly the same things. The ability to think for yourself and to decide on what is right for you is paramount to being a man of style. Learn to choose your own clothes, learn to make your own decisions, learn to be a leader not a follower.

2: Your shoes are important: They should always be well maintained and the general rule is that they should always be darker than your trousers or suit. You know what this means right? That’s right, white shoes are an ungodly no, no. Other no, nos include shoes that are too boxy (think Windsor Smith), anything that is too pointed (think women’s shoes) and anything with an overt amount of decoration such as contrasting stitching.

3: Tread lightly when it comes to cologne: Don’t be so liberal with your cologne that people across the room from you can sense it. One or two sprays of quality cologne will suffice to keep you smelling good all night. While where at it cheap deodorants smell cheap no matter how you cut it and the distinct tinny smell they produce will alert everyone to the fact you’re wearing it. Despite what the Lynx ads lead you to believe, you will not be chased down the street by hundreds of attractive and libidinous women.

4: Jewellery is for women: Why do many men insist on wearing gold chains, massive zirconia encrusted watches and bling rings? Keeping it simple is the best way to go here. A simple watch and a wedding band (if you’re married) is all a man needs. Remember we are men and we don’t compete with women here.

5: Learn to dress for the occasion: I cannot recall the number of arguments I have seen out the front of bars and clubs when men are rejected for not meeting the dress code. Rather than get angry with the security, learn the dress code and make sure you meet it next time you visit. This also extends to restaurants. I went for dinner to a nice restaurant the other night and was surrounded by people in jeans and t-shirts. This serves to bring down the entire feel of the restaurant and makes me wish restaurants still enforced dress codes.

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Saint Crispin’s 1 Eyelet Derby

I don’t judge a man by the shoes he wears but by the care he takes of his shoes.

Via: ethandesu:

Saint Crispin’s 1 Eyelet Derby

Its no secret that I love to polish shoes, and as my personal show collection has grown in quality and diminished in size, its become even more apparent to me how much the quality of shoe dictates the finished result in a great “bulling”.