The Dos & Don’ts of cologne

Click through for some good advice on what to do, and what not to do when it comes to using cologne. I think most guys get it rather spot on these days but it’s always good to have a bit of a refresher.

Cologne Rules

Compared to debating the introduction of Spanx for men or issuing a stern warning against the use of eyeliner (leave the raccoon eyes to Adam Lambert), weighing in on the finer points of personal style, specifically cologne, may seem relatively pointless. There are bigger battles to fight. But after catching a whiff of the grave mistakes of men who we thought would never fall pray to the pitfalls of scent selection, application and storage, it’s clear that the time has come for a refresher course on the dos & don’ts of cologne.

The Dos & Don’ts Of Cologne
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Wrap yourself in one of these winter warmers

As we head into winter in Melbourne, I’ve been looking to add to my winter wardrobe. One of my favourite pieces of winter wear is the scarf. They add a bit of colour in an otherwise dark and dreary environment and the feeling of a fine cashmere scarf around your neck is a winter delight along with whisky from Islay, fireplaces and taking the day off to stay in bed.

1. Shetland finish, cashmere check and plaid scarf from Drakes
2. “The Stoppard” Scarf by Alexander Olch available from Park & Bond
3. Loro Piana cashmere and silk blend plaid scarf available from Mr Porter
4. Brown glen plaid cashmere scarf from Howard Yount
5. Shrine Haberdashers lightweight plaid cashmere scarf

Ombrellificio Maglia Francesco

Carrying my very own Francesco Maglia around as Melbourne’s summer weather does its best impression of winter reminded me of this post. Make sure to click on the link for more info and images.

A good umbrella goes a long way and is an accessory that’s typically overlooked.  This has created a market for cheap, often plastic, umbrellas that self destruct within ten minutes of use in an actual storm.  Anyone in a large city anywhere in the world is familiar with this carnage.  While in Milan we paid a visit to Ombrellificio Maglia Francesco to see how a proper umbrella and lasting product is made.


Located on the outskirts of Milan in a modest workshop, Ombrellificio Maglia Francesco has been in continual existence since 1854.  For six generations the company has been family owned and continues to make umbrellas the same way they did 158 years ago; by hand.  To say that a Maglia Francesco umbrella is superior to those you see folded in half on the sidewalk is selling them short.  After seeing all that goes into each product, they’re a true artisanal piece of work.

Ombrellificio Maglia Francesco
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