TAG Heuer Monaco, Steve McQueen Calibre 11 Watch

The original Heuer Monaco has to be one of the coolest sports watches every designed. The new versions produced over the last couple of years have left a little to be desired especially when it came to getting the right balance of colours on the dial. It seems with these new iterations things may be getting back on track a little.

TAG Heuer, Steve McQueen Calibre 11 Watch

Perpetuelle discusses the new Calibre 11 watch from TAG Heuer. “According to Calibre 11, this watch is ‘based on the traditional 39mm Monaco case, and like other Vintage Monaco editions, uses the Heuer logo and has the crown on the left-hand side of the case.’  In Switzerland, the McQueen Calibre 11 price will be CHF 7,700. Beautiful and clean racing blues on this one.

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Collecting watches

A Sydney based watch dealer, Nicholas Hacko, runs through some of the brands that are available at each price point along with some of the emotions that follow upon reaching each one.

An excerpt of the post:

$2000 – $3000

Welcome to the world of fine mass produced watches! Well, you’ve just arrived so don’t get too cocky. This is really a ‘wearer’s market’ – you are buying watch to wear, enjoy and be proud of. Smart choice: fine pre-owned stock in 9.5/10 condition or better. Unwanted gifts. Demonstrators. Overhauled stock – maybe a last year’s model, but still in like new condition.

This is Omega’s territory: Moon watches, limited editions, Seamaster chronographs, smart Aqua Terras, dress, casual, sporty – plenty to chose from. A kind of stuff you would wear in office or with an Armani suit. Stuff that will impress any Holden or Ford owner, stuff that makes your boss (who still wears a 20 year old plastic Qantas el-chipo) look like a character from Summer Heights High).

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