PutThisOn: EG Cappelli and how to start with the basics

Derek over at PutThisOn posts some photos of some staple EG Cappelli ties to start off a series on the basic ties every wardrobe needs. Click on the link below the photos to follow through to the rest of the photos and the series.


Starting tomorrow, I’ll talk this week about what ties should be part of a basic, minimal collection. First, however, I thought I’d post these photos from StyleForum member whnay’s trip to EG Cappelli. These photos should give you a sense of what to aim for – simple, understated elegance.

The breakfast of champions

A Suitable Wardrobe: Churchill’s Breakfast



According to the photo of his hand-written menu in Einstein’s Watch, by Fenwick and Husselby, on his last flight to the United States as Prime Minister of England in 1954, Winston Churchill, then age 79. ordered his breakfast on two trays.


1st Tray:
Poached egg
Coffee & milk
Jug cold milk
Small piece cold chicken or meat


2nd Tray:
Sugar bowl
Glass orange squash (ice)
Whisky soda

David Reeves – Dinner Suit/Tuxedo

I’m a firm believer that every man should own a dinner suit and should seek out every occasion to wear one. I advocate buying a vintage one to all my friends and then having it tailored rather than going the rental route. This beautiful dinner suit from David Reeves is an altogether different beast.

Check out the rest of the details of this beautiful dinner suit over on the blog run by David Reeves.